Five Star Hotel

Οι Five Star Hotel είναι μια Ελληνική μπάντα που παίζει indie pop μελωδίες με αγγλικό στίχο .
Η ιδέα δόθηκε γύρω στο 2001 ενώ ο Γιώργος και ο Γιάννης ήταν σπουδές στη Βρετανία . Αλλά όταν επέστρεψαν στη Θεσσαλονίκη μερικά χρόνια αργότερα η μπάντα άρχισε να διαμορφώνεται . Έχουν ανοίξει συναυλίες των » Six By Seven» , » Electralane » , » Saint Etienne » και » Ladytron «, αφήνοντας τις καλύτερες εντυπώσεις με την απόδοσή τους . Το τραγούδι τους « I Want You » συμπεριλήφθηκε στη συλλογή » Enjoy The Greeks! » Και την συλλογή » Cola Soundwave Coca – vol.1 » που περιλαμβάνει το τραγούδι «Sunshine » . Το πρώτο τους single ήταν το  «This Is The Night » από την Onstage Records και το ντεμπούτο τους LP » This Sound » κυκλοφορεί τώρα ..

Five Star Hotel is a greek band that plays indie pop tunes with english lyrics.The idea was given around 2001 while Giorgos and Giannis were studying in the UK. But it wasn’t until they came back to Thessaloniki a couple of years later that the band was finally formed. They have supported «Six by Seven», «Electralane», «Saint Etienne» and «Ladytron» leaving the best impressions with their performance. Their song «I want you» was included in the compilation «Enjoy the Greeks!» and the compilation «Coca Cola Soundwave – vol.1» includes the song «Sunshine». Their first single was «This is the night» by Onstage Records and their debut LP «This Sound» is out now ..

Giorgos Begas ….. Vocals
Stelios Theologis .. Bass
Antonis Vellios ….. Keyboards
Giannis Savvidis … Guitar
Ioannis Varelidis … Drums



Album : Ώς την άλλη μεριά     2005    

Album : Ασημένια δέντρα     2012  

Phasma+ (PhasmaPlus) were created in 2004 by composer Ioannis Varelidis. Their first album which has been released in April of 2005, by Plus Rec and Universal Music under the title “os tin ali meria”(to the other side), is the combination of Pop & Rock sound with elements of electro. Ioannis Varelidis is the main constructor of this project as he is the composer, lyricist and orchestrator for 10 of the 11 songs. Special contribution and help in the 4th track (music and orchestration), was offered by Theo Finidis. Also the producer of the record, Haris Proios, has helped for the final form of other two songs(1st and 2nd track). Finally, the lyrics in track 8 belong to George Lizos. A few months ago, the new project of the band and hopefully in a short time we will have the opportunity to hear the new album, which is, I must say, a work completely altered from the first and even more progressive. So, looking forward….. A small sample of this new work shows even to the most unskilled ear the lump of each piece and the hard work that it is carried behind, not only mentally or creatively but even practically thinking of the fact that many times the songs or even electronic equipment had to travel between two countries (Austria and Greece), through mail, airports and roads till each song was completed. It may sound strange because I m not offering spicy detail of this lunatic story but I promise I will explain everything in the near future.

Ioannis Varelidis : 
Theo Finidis :


Undermind Professor

Undermind Professor is a project founded by Ioannis Varelidis.
The debut album of the project will participate many different musicians .
The core of this colaboration is Ioannis Varelidis at Music, Orchestration, drums, keys and production, and Michalis Chatzopoulos at Lyrics, Vocal arrangement and choir orchestration.
Their sound tends to be Alternative Experimental, based in Rock 

Οι Undermind Professor είναι ένα project που ιδρύθηκε από τον Ιωάννη Βαρελίδη.
Στο ντεμπούτο άλμπουμ του Project θα συμμετέχουν πολλοί διαφορετικοί μουσικοί .
Ο πυρήνας αυτής της συνεργασίας είναι ο Ιωάννης Βαρελίδης στη Μουσική , ενορχήστρωση , ντραμς , πλήκτρα και την παραγωγή , και ο Μιχάλης Χατζόπουλος στους Στίχους , Φωνητικά και την
ενορχήστρωση χορωδίας.
Ο ήχος τους τείνει να είναι Alternative Experimental , που βασίζεται στη Rock.

on this track…
Music & Orchestration : Ioannis Varelidis
Lyrics & Vocal arrangement : Michalis Chatzopoulos

Vocals : Savvas Pertsinidis
Back Vocals and choirs : Michalis Chatzopoulos
Guitars : Tasos Vogiatzis
Bass : Stelios Theologis
Keyboards : Theo Foinidis
Drums : Ioannis Varelidis
Video edit: Ionas
Video edit support: zero-project

Recorded & Mixed by Ioannis Varelidis



Lusful Noise

Kostas Loukovikas

           Lustful Noise is the result of four months of work by six multi-dimensional musicians
           that actually never met in the studio. Under the direction of Kostas Loukovikas,
           who composed the basic DNA of the track two years ago during recording
           sessions for the fourth album of Consciousness Federation, a side project of with
           Kostas Akparidis,  Emi Vasilopoulou, Ioannis Varelidis, Kostas Akparidis, Evan Karageorgos
           and Evan Kyratzoglou worked together as a single, conscious mind to
           create this “collective” composition

            This collective composition marks an experimental initiative, which is bound to begin by InnerSonar,                                                                                                                          
            the side project of Kostas Loukovikas & Evan Karageorgos, focusing on collective, multi-cultural, 
            One-Giant-Leap like compositions, where musicians from completely different locations 
            and musical and cultural backgrounds will be invited to participate.
            Lustful Noise will be made available for use in motion picture as is and as a remix pack
            Video/film producers interested feel welcome to get in touch
            For more information please visit the Lustful Noise page.

             THE BAND
             Kostas Loukovikas: Production | Programming | Direction | Arrangements | Synths
             Emi Vasilopoulou: Vocals, Lyrics
             Ioannis Varelidis: Drums | Production
             Kostas Akparidis: Generators
             Evan Karageorgos: Add. Synths/Classical Guitar
             Evan Kyratzoglou: 12 string/electric Guitars